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I know it looks like dirt up there but it’s not.  Dirt would wash off with rain but those streaks just get bigger and darker each and every day.  That’s because your roof isn’t dirty, it’s being eaten by an algae called GLOEOCAPSA MAGMA!  It feeds off of the limestone dust that the manufacturer’s put into the shingle to add weight.  Moss and Lichen also add to the premature death of your roof.

All of these infestations can’t just be “washed” off of your roof with soap or high-pressure  washing methods.  They intertwine themselves around the individual granules  that make up your shingles.  A pressure washer on your roof will do severe damage and void  any warranties that might be in place by the manufacturer.  Since the algae is a living organism, it must be eradicated in  order to truly rid yourself of the problem.

Some companies will try to use a power washer to clean a roof.  Using high pressure to clean a roof can severely damage your shingles, which will nullify your manufacturer’s warranty.  With our non-pressure cleaning method, we can safely and effectively remove anything eating  your roof.   We confidently guarantee results for three years.  This warranty is also transferable so even if you decide to sell your home, the new owners can rest assured knowing they are  covered under warranty.

Since our roofs are typically protecting our biggest investments, it makes sense to keep them properly maintained.  Investing a little bit into the proper preventative maintenance of your home’s roof not only extends the life of your roof but it helps maximize the value of your home!  That’s why I strongly believe that having your roof professionally cleaned gives you the most bang for your buck in helping you create massive curb appeal!



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