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Shingle Roof Cleaning

Unfortunately, those ugly black streaks on your roof aren’t dirt.  They won’t come off with the rain.  In fact, they’ll never go away on their own.  The black streaks will only grow and get worse as time goes on.  They are a nasty algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) that’s feeding on the limestone dust that the shingle manufacture’s put into the shingles.  Our gentle cleaning process gets rid of the bio in a safe and gentle way.  Once the bio is gone, the shingles look like new again. It’ll add years of life to your roof!

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Slate Roof Cleaning

 Slate roofs are a beautiful roofing choice that adds instant grandeur to any home.  Most of the slate roofs that we restore are 50-100 years old.  They are usually covered in heavy bio stains and decades of atmospheric pollution.  Over time, slate becomes brittle.  Knowing what to do and what NOT to do is very important when it comes to safely and gently cleaning a slate roof.  Let our expertise put your mind at rest knowing your roof will be taken care of with the utmost care and respect.

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Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar roofs are not only beautiful, they’ve been thoroughly tested all over the world and have stood the test of time.  They have been effectively protecting homes from the elements for centuries.  Since cedar is an organic material, it needs to be maintained.  The main problem with a wood roof is that all kinds of life-forms try to use it as a food source.  The bio attached to the roof causes the roof to stay wet.  If it doesn’t have the ability to breathe and dry out, rot begins to set in.  The other issue is that when a wood roof sits and bakes in the sun for many years, it dries out and becomes susceptible to cracking, splitting and chipping.  Our gentle cleaning process solves both of these issues. 

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Tile Roof Cleaning

Talk about a durable and strong roof! Tile roofs are the epitome of a strong roofing system.  They protect a home from the elements with dignity and class.  The only issue is that they are a porous material.  They have all kinds of little nooks and crannies for bio to hide.  This instant protection from the sun’s UV rays allow for bio to grow at an unprecedented rate.  This bio keeps the roof wet which increases the possibility of chipping and cracking during the freeze/thaw cycle.  When we’re brought in to restore a tile roof, our main goal is to eradicate the bio living on it.  Getting it back to just being a tile roof will help extend the life of the roof.

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Metal Roof Cleaning

Metal roofs are another great roofing choice.  They are strong and very durable.  They give a home a very distinct look and feel.  The biggest issue when dealing with a metal roof is oxidation. When metal is exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes.  Oxidation is corrosion.  Over time, the metal will be eaten up by the oxidation process.  When we get involved with a metal roof restoration, our main goal is to eradicate the bio-stains and remove  the oxidation.  This cleaning and oxidation removal process  extends the life of the roof and pushes the day that you have to replace an expensive roof far into the future.

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Commercial Roof Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of commercial properties requires things to be done a certain way.   It’s a lot  different than cleaning  a residential property.  First of all, working around the tenants and their comings and goings is a delicate dance.  Performing our job with the absolute least amount of interruption or inconvenience to the people on the property is our top priority.  Secondly, sometimes off-hour cleanings need to occur for the safety of the crew and the people on the property.  Our ability to accommodate special needs sets us apart.  We have the people and equipment to tackle any project, large or small.

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You will NOT go wrong with Forza Roof Cleaning! From beginning (Dwayne got drone pics for the estimate) to the end, we couldn’t be more impressed. The estimate was a third of another estimate, and we more than got our money’s worth. Communication was excellent, and Korey and Sean did an amazing job. They were professional, polite, and extremely respectful of our property. With the 3 year guarantee, we’re all set! We will gladly welcome them again in 3 years!!! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Susan M.

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Hiring Forza was one of the best decisions I have made as a homeowner. Before hiring Forza I had two other companies attempt to handle my exterior cleaning. Both companies tried a solution that failed and gave up on the job. I had a completely different experience with Forza. They came to my property multiple times to make sure his team used the proper solution and methods. His team was very professional and did an absolutely amazing job. I recommend Forza Roof Cleaning to anyone looking to tackle a exterior project.

Justin M.

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I did some research and found Forza with several positive reviews on various sites. I messaged and Dwayne Cooper called promptly. Of the other two roof cleaners I left messages with for quotes, one was extremely high priced and the other never responded. Dwayne is very knowledgeable about the delicate process to clean a roof. They do not use bleach or high pressure. He is very responsive and answered all our questions. We also added the rest of the house to the job. Everything was looking fabulous.

Marie S.

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