Cedar Roof Cleaning In Columbus

We have a very gentle, safe and extremely effective process to clean and hydrate cedar shake roofs

Cedar Roof Cleaning In Columbus

We have a very gentle, safe and extremely effective process to clean and hydrate cedar shake roofs

Top Rated Cedar Roof Cleaning in Columbus OH

We’re the only certified cedar roof cleaning company in the state of Ohio for a reason.  Our proprietary cleaning process is designed to remove algae, fungi, lichen, and moss from the surface of your cedar shake roof without damaging it like a pressure washer does.  Our process is extremely gentle and effective.  Bio is what kills a cedar roof faster than anything.  With the proper maintenance, a cedar shake roof can protect your home for generations.  Trust your very expensive roof to the professionals.  We’re here for you and are just as committed to prolonging the life of your cedar roof as you are.  

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Everybody in this family-ran company is dedicated to providing the absolute best experience for our customers. From the initial estimate to the final walkthrough, we want you to be thrilled. This isn't just lip service, this is how we've built this company, from day one. We want every client to feel like they are a part of our Forza family. We are constantly trying to improve. We're going to treat you and your property with the respect and care that you deserve, no matter the size of your project!

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We use a proprietary blend of algaecides and fungicides to safely and gently clean the exterior surfaces on your home or business. We don't use a pressure washer to clean anything other than concrete and other hard surfaces. We use professional equipment to pump our solution up to the edge of the roof. We use ladder standoffs to keep us up and off the roof and gutters. We can safely spray the roof from the ladder instead of walking all over the roof. This process keeps everything and everyone safe.

3 Year House & Roof Cleaning Guarantee

You can rest assured knowing that we stand behind our house washing and roof cleaning services with our exclusive, three year, streak-free guarantee. If you see any bio-streaks come back within three years of us cleaning the exterior of your house or roof, please call us! We'll get you on the schedule, come out and treat the area completely for free. No hoops to jump through, and no red tape to worry about. You can go on with your day to day life and leave the exterior of your home to us. We've got your back.

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Our technicians are well trained and dedicated to getting amazing results for our clients. We aren't happy unless you're happy. When we arrive at your home or building, our technicians will be dressed in a professional manner and ready to go to work. You won't have to worry about them running around with their shirts off and flipping cigarette butts everywhere. They are dedicated and will work hard to provide you with the amazing results that you deserve! So, sit back and relax...let us handle it!

Maintenance for a cedar shake roof

Maintenance on a cedar shake roof is extremely important for its health and longevity.  Cedar shake roofs aren’t cheap to replace.  It’s much easier on the wallet when you take care of them over time.  Since cedar shakes are obviously made of wood, every form of bio floating around in the atmosphere will try and feed on them.  This is why it’s important to have them professionally cleaned.  Keeping a cedar roof bio-free and hydrated keeps it healthy and will extend the life of the roof.  Our gentle cleaning process solves both problems.  When we finish with your roof it will be back to being just “wood”.  No algae, fungi, lichens or moss will be feeding on it and it will get a much needed infusion of hydrating oils.

Cities We Serve

We mainly provide specialty roof cleaning in Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas. We have gone to other cities and states to do projects as well, New Hampshire, Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee to name a few.  It just needs to make sense for all involved. If you have a project outside of our immediate service area, please give us a call to discuss!  (888) 516-0008

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Simply request a free quote here on our website it only takes about 20 seconds. Once your info is in our system, it'll be given to one of our exterior cleaning specialists. We'll then set up a time to come out and evaluate your project.

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What Your Neighbors Have Been Saying

Cedar Roof Cleaning Columbus OH

Our roof looks incredible! Dwayne and his crew at Forza Roof Cleaning did an amazing job with cleaning our 14-year old cedar shake roof.  It looks almost as good as new now!  Not to mention our front and back steps look fantastic too! Communication was easy and Dwayne was very responsive.  Was overall a great experience and we will definitely use Forza again.

Andrea T.

Cedar Roof Cleaning in Columbus

Very pleased with work to my roof. I have a cedar roof that needed cleaning. All calls/emails answered promptly and arrived as scheduled. Roof looks fantastic. Highly recommend this company.


Mary G.

Cedar Roof Cleaning Columbus

Our house is on the market to sell and we wanted our cedar roof to look it’s best. Forza Roof Cleaning did an excellent cedar roof cleaning job. We had a specific problem and Dwayne came up with the perfect solution. We especially want to thank Korey and his crew for outstanding service. We suggested Forza Roof Cleaning to our realtor and friends.

Ande P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like a tree that falls in the woods, cedar will be attacked by any bio forms that can use it as a food source.  Removing bio from your roof will allow it to live out a long and healthy life.  Also, cedar shakes bake in the sun and over time, become brittle.  Periodic infusions of the proper oils rehydrates the shingle back to its natural oil content of about 3%.

We use professional grade ladder stabilizers to provide a safe and secure spot from where we can gently apply our solution.  Very rarely will we ever have the need to get up there and trounce around on your roof.  In that rare occasion that we would need to get on your roof, we have special shoes designed to walk on cedar shake roofs.  These shoes allow us to be safe withour hurting the roof.

Absolutely not.  Pressure washers shred the fibers in the wood.  It does more damage than good.  Plus, a pressure washer only scalps the bio, it doesn’t kill it.  It’s kind of like using a lawn mower to get rid of the weeds in your yard.  At first, it looks great but soon, the weeds grow back.  That’s why we would rather treat your roof with our specialized solution.  It will kill all that bio feeding on the roof.  It’s specially designed to eradicate single cell bio only.  It’s not harmful to people, plants or pets.  It’s the safest and most gentle way to clean a cedar shake roof.  See what we can do for your roof!

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